Hazardous Movement

In 2020, Chuck Hammond and Chad Cummins, two lifelong friends and seasoned grognards with more than 60 years of combined experience in ASL, set out to create a product of exceptional quality. The scenarios, they agreed, would have to be highly enjoyable, reasonably balanced, thoroughly playtested and meticulously proofread in order to minimize / eliminate any errata. Just as importantly, every scenario would have to demonstrate high replay value. The result of more than a year of their hard labor is Hazmo’s first scenario pack: "A World at War". Rest assured there will be more projects to follow!

HazMo 1 & HazMo 2

A special offer until the release of HazMo 2, scheduled in Europe around mid-December !

The Un Civil Wars

The second scenario pack from Chuck Hammond and Chas Cummins, already available for preorder.

Combine it with HazMo 1 for a special offer :-)

World at War

Hazmo is printing a limited batch of scenarios that will only be available for sale in Europe through LFT, our exclusive European retailer. While the scenario packs will not be available until early-June 2021, players can reserve a copy with LFT via this current page.

For US customers, please contact them directly on their website :