Hi everybody!

As usual, a long time has passed since our last update... in the meanwhile, "The Green Hell of Inor" has been released but unfortunately, many countersheets have been poorly printed.

We are discussing a solution with the printers and should be able to provide another batch early next year, probably around January or February. The countersheets will accompany the next issue of From the Cellar (issue # 11), that will contain 36 pages and 10 new scenarios. Of course, there will be no additional cost because of the countersheets.

Our friends at Hazardous Movement are releasing yet another pack, that you can preorder here:

Hazardous Movement
As a special offer, we are proposing to purchase both their packs at a reduced cost until The Un-Civil Wars is released.

Still in stock, "From the Cellar" # 10, which will bring you to the sands of Tarawa and the Snow of Korea.

A good new as we have moved some stuff in our Cambodian locations, our crew there has been able to ship a bunch of Rat Pocket Charts v3 and very few KGS modules. We should receive them within a couple of weeks.

For those who are experiencing problems while trying to log in and order on our site, just drop me an email at: xavier_vitry (at) yahoo (dot) fr

Email me your order without forgetting to write down your shipping address and a phone number as well, please. Our apologies for the inconvenience....

Roll low :-)