14 scenarios, 2 articles and the corrected version of map LFT II.


ASL Scenario FT 149 "Tombés pour la France":

On the Scenario card for the French Order of battle it shows a blank space that has a red (4) underneath the blank space. These are 4 Roadblocks.

FT153 "Nailed To The Ground"
Add LFT SSR for the Blue Division units: Spanish units have a -2 drm on the Leader Creation Table and a -1 DRM on the Heat of Battle Table.

ASL Scenario FT 159 "Tangled at Tsangkou":
In the VC, replace "Red Chinese MMC" with "Red Chinese non HIP / non Crew MMC". This is not really an errata, just a precision in order to avoid some sleazy move.

ASL Scenario FT156 Leonov’s Hill
Precision to SSR3: the Russians may Set their DC using HIP.

In SSR6, the German has to designate "prior to play" which forces will enter. Prior to play means "Before Game Turn 1".