All is in its title : 60 pages for KGS fans, as well as 9 scenarios and a SASL mission. :)

First shipments on May 11th.

What’s inside :

  • 9 scenarios + 1 SASL mission
  • A big article which details the biggest KGS scenario (Carl Nogueira)
  • Some designers notes on several KGS scenarios (Hershey, Brackin)
  • Players aids within the mag (LFT crew)
  • An AAR of the Summer CG (Brackin, Fred and X)
  • An article about both campaign games (Brackin)



(23.8 kio)

VASL set up for "Their fate sealed"

(1.1 kio)


Regarding KGS20 - Behle’s Tally

1) The south edge is the map angle at about 45 degrees. The southern most

2) Correct " ?" below T-34

3) That should read "....counters in each of four different...." Delete the