Bounding Fire products

Some Bounding Fire products are now available for European customers from Le Franc-Tireur.

BFP 5 : Poland in Flames

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The size of this product is bigger than Blood and Jungle or Crucible of Steel. This was under development for years, and all 45 of the scenarios were very thoroughly playtested.

Poland in Flames includes the following :

45 Action-Packed Scenarios in full color print 840 Full color, die cut 1/2" counters 440 Full color, die cut 5/8" counters Four 8"x22" geomorphic boards (BFP O, P, Q, R) printed on heavy card stock Two 16"x22" doublewide geomorphic boards (DW-5, DW-6) printed on heavy card stock Articles covering Guns, Fires, and much more Rules for Ground Attack Aircraft, Multiple Bomb Load Bombers, Multi-Material Buildings, and more Rules pages describing new Vehicles/Ordnance notes, period Aircraft, and new Infantry units

Beyond the Beachhead 2 (Out of stock)

More Bocage for Normandy fanatics !

This module contains :

16 scenarios FOUR geomorphic mapboards (BFP C, D, E and F) THREE 8" x 13" geomorphic overlays TWO smaller overlays depicting a small village as well as a small hill One page or Special Rules

Operation Cobra (Out of stock)

Operation Cobra depicts the battles that raged between the US and German forces during the Allied breakout through the Normandy hedgerow country during Summer 1944.