After 3 more movings, a small amount of FTC 3 countersheets have emerged... our kind printer in Phnom Penh has done his best and we have been able to reprint a very small amount of this successfull scenario pack...

Currently looking if we do have some more around....


- Editor’s Foreword
- 10 scenarios
- Historical notes for the new vehicles included
- One A5 countersheet (available for donwload here)


ID Name Nations Date
LFT99 The Dommed Tirailleurs German - French 1940-06-19
LFT100 Hajra ! Russian - Axis 1941-08-16
LFT101 Fire and Ice German - Partisan 1943-02-08
LFT102 The Bulge (updated) German - American 1944-07-19
LFT103 Slava ! Russian - German 1944-07-21
LFT104 Flying the flag of Poland German - Polish 1944-08-08
LFT105 Smashing into Vlasotince German - Bulgarian 1944-10-06
LFT106 Counterattack along the Danube Axis - Russian 1944-12-24
LFT107 Race at Longchamps American - German 1945-01-03
LFT108 The damned die hard German - Russian 1945-04-11


FTC3 countersheet back

(118.2 ko)

FTC3 countersheet front

(157.2 ko)

Historical notes of the FTC3 vehicles

(2.3 Mo)